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 A high spirited young woman, smart as a whip and easy on the eyes; Anais was born on November 26, 1987 in Mexico but raised in Edinburg and Galveston, Texas. Anais was born with a congenital anomaly known as dilated cardiomyopathy. This medical condition caused her heart to become weak and enlarged. By her 14th birthday, her heart could not efficiently pump blood thru out her body and was in dire need of a pacemaker. At the age of 15 she was in need of a new heart in order to survive. After 2 unsuccessful transplant attempts, on June of 2004, she received the gift of life. She was given a second chance to live, thanks to the generosity of a donor and their family.  After spending many months at Texas Children’s Hospital, Anais recuperated and had an opportunity to do many things. Among them she: attended her High School Prom, joined the Sigma Lambda Gamma sorority, and traveled to Paris, Madrid, London, Barcelona, and her favorite Disney Land. Anais always took good care of her donated heart and always carried a smile on her face.   Her smile was a smile of love and joy for the very special gift she had received from the donor and their family. We were always very grateful for the donor’s family decision on organ donation at the saddest time of their life. We prayed and thank God for that family and the many blessings they gave us by giving Anais a second chance to live. Her new heart granted her the opportunity to enjoy life as a young adult; something most of us take for granted. To the world’s disdain, Luz Anais Garza-23 went with The Almighty on February 18, 2011 to be reunited with her father. As her surviving family, we honor Anais by sharing our story with the world in hopes of education everyone about the power of organ donation and the impact it has on the lives of many whose health has ultimately failed them considerably.


Memo Garza

Brother to Luz Anais 
Founder of  ANAIS Event Management, 
Registered Organ Donor

The ANAIS Event Company was founded with a really "crazy" idea: unique, intimate and affordable events.​

We wanted to offer all three of these concepts in a price point that would not only be different but personalized and inexpensive as an event could get. See, my sister Anais and I had been servicing people for other companies for more than 11 years and when we introduced our idea to the event planning industry, they agreed it was crazy. Only not the good kind of crazy.​

What our competitors did not know was that my sister and I can be a bit stubborn.  So, in late 2009 we went ahead and opened the The ANAIS Event Company and started doing the events our way. Over the next few years, catering to friends, then those friends told their friends, then they told their friends then hundreds of people turn out to be as crazy as us. Turns out that people like the idea of their events being completely worry free for a very reasonable price.​

Did you notice the word “hundreds”? Well, to date, we have successfully catered to over 779 parties and suddenly, those folks who’d spent decades promising “perfect” and “unforgettable” but costly events, are now copying the same system they first thought was " so crazy”. In today’s economy, it’s not about how much money you can squeeze from your client, it’s about how much you can do for your clients so they can refer you to their friends and families. The thing is, our competitors’ copying our idea doesn’t make us mad, it makes us right. And to all those critics I have just one thing to say:

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with being a little crazy.

Guillermo "Memo" Garza


Moved to Southwest Houston from Edinburg, Texas in the fall of 2006. He studied Business Administration and Real Estate at the University of Texas-Pan American and University of Houston and proceeded to work in a fast upscale environment, ensuring client delight on luxury homes and condominiums. Passionate about interior design and home staging, the move to the event planning and decorating business was a natural fit. With encouragement from his sister Anais, Memo started the ANAIS Event Management Company in 2009. Memo prides himself in being a workaholic and while his close friends and family are out partying, he is always coming up with ideas and creating concepts that they end up partying to. In his free time, Memo loves to travel across the states from the lights of Las Vegas to the beaches of Hawaii in search of inspiration for new and unique event concepts. Due to his high tempo lifestyle, Memo decompresses by racing in 5k’s, practicing Boxing and Crossfit. Blessed with an amazing team, Memo makes sure that the ANAIS brand stands for more than just an event. That it stands for excellence.      

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