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About Us
The ANAIS Event Co.

About Us

We are the company that

Had This Little Silly Idea Back 

Unique, intimate and affordable events.

They’d be as different, personalized and inexpensive as an event could get. See, we had been servicing people for other companies for more than 11 years and when we introduced our idea to the event planning industry, they agreed; it was silly.

Only not the good kind of silly.

But we can be a bit stubborn.

So in late 2009, we went ahead and opened The ANAIS Event Company and
started doing events our way. Over the next few years, we catered to friends, then those friends told their friends, then they told their friends; that to our surprise, it turns out hundreds of people ended up being as silly as us.


Turns out, people like the idea of their events being completely worry free for a very reasonable price.

So did you notice the word “hundreds”?


Well, to date we have successfully worked over 900 parties and suddenly, these folks who’d spent decades promising “perfect” & “unforgettable” but costly events, are now
copying our system they first thought was so... silly. In today’s economy, it's not about how much money you can squeeze from your client, it’s how much you can do for your clients

The thing is, people copying our idea doesn’t make us mad, it makes us right.

And to all those people who criticized us at the beginning, we have just one thing to say:


Details Matter

Our mission is to help our clients host the most organized and well-groomed event their family and friends have ever been too. We can provide our experience, attention to detail and also making sure we are with our clients every step of the way. We want to create a culture of trust and event ownership where our whole team gets involved in each event. As a company we want to deliver our very best and holding ourselves accountable for results. Challenges are more than welcomed. We see it as a way to grow our company and each other. So needless to say being detailed matters.


Memo Garza

Co-Founder & Event Planner,
Designer and Fabricator of Special Event Paraphernalia. 


My sister, Anais Garza (RIP), and I founded this company. It all started with a venue that has evolved into an all event coordinating company. We started on this crazy journey in 2009. It hasn't been easy being in this business since 2011 after the passing of my lovely sister, but the goal hasn't changed. In honor and memory of Anais, this company has evolved into much more than anyone could have imagined. The goal is to create long lasting, wonderful memories of those big events in each persons life. Always trying to strive for more for our clients and finding ways to go above and beyond.


12914 Bellaire Blvd,

Houston, TX 77072

+1 (281)-933-0331

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